Rice Krispie Bars

RiceKrispieBarsTinbfLOWe were at a farmers’ market with friends last year, and one of our group stumbled across something wondrous and new (to him) – Rice Krispie Bars!

Somehow, he had come to adulthood in America at more or less the same time as the rest of us and had not been exposed to this staple of the snack tin. My mom made them so often that she began playing around with the concept: sometimes adding peanut butter, others using Cocoa Krispies – and I’ve heard of mom’s going the Fruity Pebbles route (!)


And I got to thinking maybe I should take a stab at making the classic treat. Of course, time passed, Rice Krispies and marshmallows are not two products common in our kitchen, and I forgot all about ‘em.


Rich came across a recipe for these really decadent brownies, made with a mix, but then topped with vanilla frosting, cashews, and Rice Krispies mixed with chocolate chips and peanut butter. He had everything he needed to make a batch or two but the Rice Krispies, so I headed for the cereal aisle on my next visit to Target.


A more-than-big-enough box o’ cereal was on sale; but a wickedly-HUGE-are-you-NUTS? box o’ the same cereal was the exact same price.

No question about which I bought – I will only note that it is a good thing I drive a station wagon.

01MarshmallowsButterbfLOSo, Rich made his brownies – which were delicious and a HUGE hit at the birthday party we brought them to – and we had a fair amount of rice cereal left over; sitting behind the corn chips on top of the fridge.

It was time.

02MarshmallowButterMeltedbfLOStrangely enough, I had to go to da Google for the recipe – it’s simple enough you’d think they’d keep it on the box – but it seemed that I now had all that was needed to make the tasty little bars except for the marshmallows – which Jewel just happened to have on sale – so problem solved.

•3 tbsp butter (or margarine)
•1 (10 oz) package marshmallows
•6 cups Rice Krispies Cereal

03PressDownWaxedPaperbfLOSimple list, no? And it cooks up even more simply in the microwave – just remember one thing:


Toss the marshmallows and the butter into a large bowl and ‘wave for two minutes. Remove from the ‘wave (it’ll be bubbly and puffy) and stir down with your well-buttered spatula (I cannot stress this enough – it’s wicked sticky).

04RiceKrispieBarsbfLO’Wave for another minute, then remove and stir in the Rice Krispies. Transfer the mixture to a well buttered (or use cooking spray) 13×9 pan and press down with a sheet of waxed paper.

Set aside to cool and firm up, then cut into squares and serve. The recipe claims that they are best made and eaten within one day – but I made this batch on Saturday night and stashed ‘em in a tin, and they still look just fine this sunny Tuesday morning.

Speaking of which; I AM feeling a bit peckish…

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