Parfait! Wicked Good Clam Dip

ClamDipbfLO“Peyote! Peyote and Clam Dip!”

As any good follower of Doonesbury will know – this quote was Zonker Harris’ response to roving Time Magazine reporter Roland Hedley’s question about what the counterculture was all about – hey – it was the 60’s!

While this recipe contains absolutely no peyote, it really IS quite good, and more than worthy of inspiring a culture to counter; or at least a good, satisfying nosh.

Don’t be put off by the clams, either, this dip is MADE for flyover country with every ingredient neatly packaged in some form or another before becoming a beacon for chipdom in general and munchers who may be feeling a bit peckish everywhere.

•1 can (6.5 oz.) minced or chopped clams, drained
•1/2 cup sour cream
•1/4 cup mayonnaise
•1 tsp Tabasco
•2 tbsp dried minced onion
•1 tsp dried chives
•Salt and pepper to taste

Mix clams, sour cream, mayonnaise, Tabasco, onion and chives together. Season with salt and/or pepper to taste, cover and chill for a few hours or (best) overnight for the flavors to meld and the onion to soften up.

C’est tout! How simple was that?

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