Teh Garden in August

TomatoesAugustVertbfLOHere we are, fast approaching the middle of August, and this is the state of things: two small-ish, green tomatoes on two separate plants (the tomatoes don’t really get along, apparently, so there is no way to get them both in one shot – just imagine a second, pouty tomato looking on from t’other side o’ the planter).

I think it best not to discuss the plum tomato-like thing  struggling along on the front porch.


Oh well, at least the basil is hanging on – tho’ a bit ragged looking – and the parsley, sage, rosemary, (wait for it…) and chives – HA! Gotcha! – I’m not a big fan of da thyme – are all doing fairly well.

The lavender? Well, let’s just say that the lavender has left the building and leave it at that.

ShilohSofabfLOLesson learned – next year, I’m saving my pennies and paying a visit to the fancy-pants farmer (or whatever that place we went last year was called) in Wisconsin and buying all of my stuff from him (them).

So, in lieu of a happy, late-ish  summer bowl chock full of plump, bright red tomatoes just begging to to sliced and popped on top of some dough with a bit of the basil for a pizza on the grill, here’s a cute puppy pic.

Awwww, how cute is THAT?

Happy Saturday, peeps.


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