Parfait! Tartar Sauce

TartarSauceVertbfLOSummer’s winding down a wee bit; kids are heading back to school, there is that hint (at least here by our little edge o’ the prairie) of crisp evenings to come, tho’ the days are warm and folk are still flocking to the beach – all in all a perfect time to contemplate crunchy pieces of fish and so, to revisit tartar sauce.

Oh, but not just any tartar sauce – this sucker is inspired by (and kinda, sorta tastes like) the tartar sauce that comes with your fried square fish sammich from that famous place down the street (well, down just about every street, really).

As I noted the first time I posted this recipe, I have da Google only knows who to thank for originally sharing this bit of condimental piscine goodness, but I whisper words of thanks whenever I set dehydrated onion bits in water to reconstitute and set to chopping dill pickles.

•10 dill pickle chips, chopped
FishChipsTartarImperialbfLO•2 tbsp dill pickle juice
•1 tsp yellow mustard
•1 cup mayonnaise
•7 drops Tabasco sauce
•1 tbsp dry minced onion soaked in 2 tbsp water for ten minutes

Add the tablespoon of minced onion to the water and set aside for five or ten minutes to allow it to soften.

Stir the chopped pickle together with the pickle juice, mustard and mayonnaise. Add the rehydrated onion and Tabasco sauce to taste (seven drops is really not very hot at all, but it adds a little depth to the flavor).

Pop into a covered jar and let rest – optimally overnight – to allow the flavors to blend.

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