I got nuthin’…

MPMPosterUsebfLOPublicMarket02bfLOit’s cloudy, a tad on the cool side, and I am uncertain whether the rumbling I’m hearing is thunder, or just some of the participants from the Chicago Air and Water Show going a bit long to make a turn.

We had planned to take the puppy on an adventure today – up to Milwaukee to meet PublicMarketSpiceHouseSignbfLOfriends and then mebbe a bit of slouching about at Alterra Coffee by the lake front – but the weather has made us rethink our plans. We’re still meeting friends up in Milwaukee, but puppy, who has already had a busy and full morning of play anyway, will stay at home and we’ll slouch about the Public Market – I am in desperate need of supplies from The Spice House – I’ve gone through all of my powdered ginger, the Brisket of Love Seasoning is but a memory, and I seem to be dangerously low on the Caribbean Calypso Seasoning.

Of course, if we happen to come by an Alterra, or mayhap a nice little spot offering sparkling cocktails, we may have to stop and slouch a while…

Happy Saturday, peeps!

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