Mr. Yoshida’s Magical Sauce

MrYoshidaVertbfLOOur friends Bob and Don rave about Mr. Yoshida’s.

Well, Bob raves; Don nods and notes that he doesn’t really care for it, but will, if coerced just a bit, admit that most folk think it da Bomb!

It is.

Bob used Mr. Yoshida’s as the base for the marinade most of us enjoyed at the Michigan cabin in June (see here and here), and I vowed to get the recipe out of him just as soon as I scored a bottle of teriyaki goodness for my own self.


Mr Yoshida’s web site thingy says it is available at Costco and Sam’s Club, but a pretty thorough search of our local Costco turned up nuthin’ (!), and I don’t do Sam’s Club (long story); so we were left bereft, able only to fondly recall all that Yoshida niceness; and I went off in search of other things teriyaki-ish.

MrYoshidaGarlicbfLOEnter Bob, Don, and Golnaz and Mehran.

B&D do go to Sam’s Club, and very kindly picked up a bottle which they then passed to G&M to pass to us; thinking, usually quite rightly, that we would see G&M, who live just across the tollway, sooner than we would B&D, who reside well North o’ the border. Stuff happened, hilarity ensued, and we ended up getting our bottle of Mr. Y’s MrYoshidaSteakBagbfLOfrom B&D’s pantry, while poor G&M are still trying to get rid of this rather large bottle hanging around their place. Sorry about that, G&M.

But, I am not sorry that I got to try this baby out at home! Bob very nicely included his marinade instructions with the bottle, but admitted that he just eyeballs it, so I took that as license to play a bit.

•1-1/2 cup Mr Yoshida’s
•1/4 cup brown sugar
MrYoshidaSteakMarinadeGrillbfLO•1 tsp dried chopped garlic – or a couple of cloves fresh garlic, minced
•1 tsp Gateway to the North Seasoning – Bob uses Montreal Steak Seasoning

Combine Mr Yoshida’s with the brown sugar, garlic, and any other seasoning(s) you like. I had picked up a bag of dried chopped garlic by mistake at The Spice House, so used that in place of fresh, and opted for their Gateway to the North Seasoning over this really nice smelling Japanese Seven MrYoshidaSteakGrillbfLOSpice (Shichimi Togarashi) we also picked up on our last visit to the Public Market because I figured it’d be more ‘steaky’ – mebbe next time.

Pour this mixture over the protein of your choice (we used some of those nice Costco rib eyes) and allow to marinate for at least four hours or – really, you should do this – in the fridge overnight – I like to use a zipper bag.

MrYoshidaSteakRestbfLORemove from the marinade, bring to room temperature, and grill to your liking. Our weather was perfect, so Rich fired up the Weber and I tossed some sliced Yukon Gold potatoes in a bit of olive oil and spices and wrapped ’em in some foil. Twenty-five minutes on the grill while the steaks lost their chill and we were good to go.

Rich grilled the steaks for about five minutes per side, then we pulled them off the grill and allowed them to rest for ten minutes before diving in.


01dTerryakiReadybfLOY’know, I have these really nice looking pork chops in the freezer…

Update: I still like Mr Y’s and all, but now have my own (pretty) magical sauce to offer:


Made right on top o’ the stove with (mostly) stuff that everyone is likely to have on hand or, can pretty easily lay their hands on (with the help of a decent spice merchant or two). Every bit as good as Mr Y’s, in my not-so-very-humble opinion, and mebbe a wee, tiny bit better, because it’s made in small batches and can easily be customized to your own tastes. Makes for a fine Banzai Burger, too.

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