Curried Buttermilk Marinade

ButtermilkCurryPepperHorizbfLOSimple and wicked tasty!

I’d scored this cool tin of curry powder, and was looking for something to do with it. Enter via, of course, da Google, and this really nice marinade for chicken or, as in this case, pork chops.

CurryPowderbfLOHealthy Mom also asserts that this makes a fine marinade for veggies – but I am not feeling the love for that particular use.

Still, you do what you like…

•2 cups buttermilk
•2 tbsp curry powder
•2 tsp fine sea salt
•1 tsp ground black pepper

That is IT – you gotta love a simple recipe!

CurriedChopPlateAltbfLOWhisk together, pour over your chops or chicken in a zipper bag, and pop in the fridge for a few hours or (always best, to my mind) overnight. The next day, remove your meat of choice from the marinade, bring up to room temperature, and prepare as you like.

I was using kinda thick boneless pork chops, and Rich didn’t feel like firing up the Weber, so I just popped ’em on the kitchen grill for about five minutes per side and served ’em with spiced Basmati rice and the last of that carrot grapefruit salad.

OH! So tasty – four, simple ingredients to pork chop deliciousness.

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