Dry Rub for Ribs

RibRubJarbfLOI had this HUGE tray of boneless country-style ribs in the freezer (yup, another happy trip to Costco) that I had a taste for; now, how to do ’em up?

My old standby braising method IS tasty, works with yer standard pork and beef ribs, as well as country style, and I get all that yummy stock afterwards, but, no. Cherry cola barbecued ribs are currently Rich’s favorite, but these were really meaty country style ribs, and besides, I was fresh out of cherry preserves.

RibRubIngredientsbfLOI DID just happen to have a pantry full of the latest batch o’ my regular barbecue sauce. How would (I wondered) it work if I used the dry rub method on country style ribs?

Only one way to find out, so I set about working on a dry rub formula based on the cherry cola version that I thought would be nice:

•2 tbsp ground ginger
•2 tbsp granulated garlic
•2 tbsp Brisket of Love Seasoning – or any steak seasoning you like
•2 tbsp salt
•2 tbsp chili powder
•2 tbsp Caribbean Calypso Seasoning – you could use plain old fresh orange, lemon, and RibsRubbedDonebfLOlime zest, but then you may want to up the chili powder a touch (or not – this rub has just a bit of a bite – but that could’ve been my sauce)
•1 tbsp Coleman’s mustard powder

Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl (I used a wire whisk), then apply to your ribs.

I had my ribs on a bed of celery, scallions, and radishes – basically stuff from my crisper that wasn’t quite ‘salad suitable’ any longer, but would be more than good as a RibsCasserolebfLObed of aromatics – and to raise the ribs above any bits of fat that may dribble out.

Pop your well-rubbed ribs into an oven preheated to 350º and bake, uncovered for ninety minutes, or until tender. I thought mine might’ve been good to go at sixty minutes, but they took the full ninety.

Lovely – and MAN! do these smell good!

RibsSauceDonebfLOThe cool thing about this is that you can apply your sauce of choice proceed directly to the grill (or, back into the oven) OR do all this ahead of time, pop the ribs into a pan in the fridge, and deal with them at your leisure, which is exactly what I did – and thanks to Rich’s mom, I had just the cool pan to stash ’em away in.

When you’re ready to finish your ribs, bring them to room temperature (thirty to forty-five minutes on the counter top should do it), then grill or bake as you like.

I chose to slather mine with barbecue sauce and bake them in a foil-lined pan on top of some more bits of aging celery I found in the crisper.


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