Wicked Tasty Turkey Salad Sammich

TurkeySaladbfLOYeh, I know:

“What’s teh big deal – it’s a turkey sammich?”

And this mainstay of the days after Thanksgiving does have a lot in common with your plain ole sammich – but it has a few surprises as well: First
– no stuffing (in truth, the wild rice/dried cherry dressing I made this year – while mighty fine – doesn’t really lend itself to sammich-dom).

Second – I’ve chopped apple and bourbon roasted turkey and made it into a salad with diced onion, good mayonnaise, bright yellow mustard (just a bit), and salt and pepper. Sorry peeps, no measurements – enough mayonnaise to moisten the turkey to your taste, enough onion to add bite, just that drizzle of yellow mustard for a little sumpin’ sumpin’, and a final bit of salt and pepper.

Finally – a schmear (or two) of cream cheese (!) I KNOW! I thought it kinda crazy too, when I first read about it.

But then I got to thinking.

And then, I just had to try it.


Served on lightly toasted sourdough bread with a dollop of cranberry relish and some freshly sliced cucumber; this is truly a sammich to write about.

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