Parfait! REALLY Tasty Steak ‘n Ring Sauce

SauceJarbfI first came across this amazing little mixture a couple of weeks ago, as a glaze for buttermilk meatloaf. Thing is, good as that loaf o’ meat may be – and this sauce is da bomb as a glaze, but also quite nice with beer batter onion rings and, as it happens, on a slightly over-peppered, grilled steak!

It is also mind-numbingly, wicked simple to put together, taking only three ingredients and mebbe five minutes to make.

Nice, no?

•3/4 cup barbecue sauce
– use any you like, I like mine
•1/4 cup spicy ketchup
•Scant 1/4 cup yellow mustard

SteakRingsPotatoPlatebfOK, so mebbe it’s not wicked simple when you start with home made barbecue sauce and ketchup – tho’ if you do happen to make your own, you more than likely have a pretty well-stocked pantry. If you do use all store bought – I’d think a sweeter barbecue sauce and, if you can find it, a spicier ketchup (like Ketchapeño); or just add a couple of dashes of hot sauce or pinches of Cayenne to your Heinz. However you come to the ingredients, stir the barbecue sauce together with the ketchup and mustard, then settle back to enjoy one quite nice condiment.

We had ours with those onion rings, a baked potato, and that, ermmm, highly peppered steak (oops!), but this’d be pretty darned tasty on burgers, too.

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