Sunday in Indy @ George’s

George'sSaladbfLOToday’s a travel day for us, peeps, and I did not get my act together to prepare the images and pre-load the TASTY marble rye bread post I had planned for today, so instead, enjoy this image of Binford’s Black Forest Salad; my lunch yesterday during a family gathering at George’s Neighborhood Grill in Indianapolis.

Grilled chicken, greens, beets, sugared pecans, celery, Mandarin oranges, Gorgonzola, and Granny Smith apples with George’s apparently famous black cherry vinaigrette, made for a very nice lunch, and I have resolved to steal the idea, make a few, small changes, and come back at some future time with the version. In the meantime, tho’, if you happen to be on the NE side of Indy, you could do worse than George’s.

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