Supermarket Filets

Filet02SeasonedbfLOI came across these 2 filet mignons in a back, bottom corner of our downstairs freezer, and thought it really was about time to do something with them – Rich had picked them up sometime around Valentine’s Day on sale at Jewel, and we had kind of forgotten them there.

It was too cold to grill, and the oven was more or less filled with potatoes baking and asparagus roasting, so I did a little searching on da Google, and this is what I found – a bit like steak frites, but with filets.

•2 filets
Seasoned salt
•Black pepper
•3 tbsp butter
•3 tbsp olive oil

Filet10PanButterDonebfLOA note: looking over my notes again, I discovered that the recipe called for using teaspoons of butter and olive oil, but, darnnit, these are filets and they were mighty tasty, so I am sticking with the tablespoons. You do what you want.

Season the filets with the salt and pepper.

Melt the butter in a skillet over high heat, then stir in the olive oil until well combined.

Add the seasoned filets to the hot butter and oil and cook for about 2 minutes per side – just enough to get each side nicely browned and just a little crispy.

Filet11PotatoAsparagusPlateSoftbfLOLower the heat to medium, spoon a bit of the butter and olive oil mixture over the filets, and cover the pan.

Cook the filets, covered, for another 4 to 5 minutes , for medium, then remove from the heat and set aside to rest for 5 minutes.

Serve – with just a bit of that butter and olive oil, if you like. We had ours with baked potatoes and my new favorite roasted asparagus. NICE.

Oh, and that roasted asparagus recipe?


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