Rosemary Steaks with Garlic Kalamata Olive Mayonnaise

05SteaksGrilledBestbfLOFor Mehran, who liked the steak, but really liked the mayonnaise, a bonus holiday post.

Rich found this recipe in a Better Homes and Gardens grilling magazine we picked up at a market somewhere. The original recipe called for porterhouse steaks and adding dill to the mayonnaise; but our trip to Costco yielded these lovely New York steaks; and I cannot abide dill except in a pickle, so I made a few changes to the mayonnaise as well. Nice, simple and wicked tasty steaks for grilling, and great mayonnaise!

•New York or porterhouse steaks
•Sea salt
•Black (Tellicherry) pepper
•Fresh rosemary
•Olive Oil

01bMayGarlicLemonbfLOGarlic Kalamata Mayonnaise:
•1 cup good mayonnaise
•1 head roasted garlic
•The zest of 1 lemon
•Kalamata olives, pitted and sliced
•1/2 to 1 tsp Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce (or hot sauce)

First, the mayonnaise, I like to start this the night before so that the flavors have time to blend.

Combine the mayonnaise with the roasted garlic and lemon zest in a blender container and blend until well-mixed…


combine the mayonnaise, garlic and lemon zest in a beaker and give a good whizzz with your immersion blender. Either way, it’s good.

Transfer the contents to a covered jar and let rest in the fridge over night.

The next day, chop the kalamata olives, stir into the mayonnaise, and take a taste.

Nice, but…

03aGarlicMAyoAddOlivesCPSbfLOI thought it could use a little sumpin’ sumpin’, so stirred in a bit of Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce as well – if you don’t have any of this, feel free to add your hot sauce of choice.

Much more better!

Mayonnaise made and seasonings corrected, it goes back into the fridge until dinner.

04bSteaksSeasonedbfLOAbout an hour before you plan to eat, arrange the steaks on a large platter and brush both sides with olive oil.

Combine the needles from several sprigs of rosemary with sea salt and pepper corns in a bowl and crush together (a mortar and pestle works great for this).

Rub the seasonings into both sides of the steaks and let lest for 30 minutes before grilling.

06SteaksGrilledTablebfLOGrill the steaks for mebbe ten minutes, flipping once, for medium rare (these were HUGE steaks, so adjust your times based on the size and thickness of your cut of choice.

Once grilled to your liking, remove the steaks to a clean platter, cover, and let rest for five minutes or so before serving.

We had ours with a grilled panzanella salad, grilled blt potato salad, a bit of garlic bread and, of course, that love kalamata mayonnaise.

What a fine, festive feast for the holiday weekend.

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