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Air Fryer(!) Filet Mignon

Yeppers. You read that right. I will confess that, when I came across this recipe, I had my doubts. “That is it?!?” “No! it could not be that simple!” Actually, as it happened, yes, yes it could be that simple. … Continue reading

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New! Improved! Baked (and Better!) Buffalo Wings

I have been making Buffalo Wings since the 1980’s, and have always loved them, but, I have also worked on my recipe to keep them every bit as tasty, but mebbe just a wee, tiny bit less likely to induce … Continue reading

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Air Fryer Chickpeas

Years ago, now, seasoned, roasted chickpeas were being touted as the new! next! now! healthy and good for you snack. They were… ok. Then, a week or so ago, I got to rethinking the whole concept, using my air fryer  … Continue reading

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Barbecue & Sage Pork Chops

One of our fave pork dishes is Blackberry Sage Pork Chops, pan fried and then braised to tender, tasty perfection. Well… I had some nice bourbon brown sugar barbecue sauce leftover from making Super Bowl Nachos, and I got to … Continue reading

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As most all of our friends and family know, “we do not follow teh golf,” which meant that this past weekend and all the brouhaha mostly slipped by unnoticed chez nous. Except… one of the players is dating my husband’s … Continue reading

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Ranch Pickled Avocados

I have been making pickled avocado for a while now, tt is a great way of adding a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to your appetizer board or salad, and I was planning on using this batch as a topping on a … Continue reading

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Air Fryer BBQ Pork Salad

Back in December, one of our local markets had a Buy One, Get One Free deal on boneless pork roasts, and I took ’em up on it. I cannot recall exactly what I did with the first roast back in … Continue reading

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Glazed Cedar Plank Salmon in the Air Fryer

As I’ve said before, one of my local markets has a very nice salmon supplier – on par with our fave fish monger, but less pricey – and also offer their fillets with options; seasoned, cedar plank, etc. Of course, … Continue reading

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Braised Celery

Waaay back in 2005, I loved the novel “Julie and Julia” by Julie Powel. Then, in 2009, I loved the movie version, with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Both the book and the movie had scenes of a dinner party … Continue reading

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Honey Mustard Dressing and a Nice Spinach Salad

My mom-in-law’s winter visit has gone pretty well. I have learned her distaste for bread crusts on sammiches, and preference for eating most meals with a soup spoon. Some dinners, she has flat out not cared for, but this one, … Continue reading

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