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Bacon Wrapped Dates, Now With Boursin!

One of my most popular (and a personal fave, too!) munchies is cheese stuffed dates, wrapped in bacon, and baked. And, aside from being so very tasty, they are also wicked easy to customize to your (and your friends’) tastes. … Continue reading

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Asparagus Tart With Roasted Grape Tomatoes

Elegance on a platter for most any meal; this tart is almost ridiculously simple to toss together! And tasty, too! The secret(s) are… Frozen puff pastry (fantastic stuff!). Blanched Asparagus (make ahead and stash in the fridge). Oven Roasted Grape … Continue reading

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Roasted Grape Tomatoes

I have posted this recipe before, under “Afternoon Delight Tomatoes,” because, while Nigella Lawson calls them “Moonblush Tomatoes” and roasts hers overnight; I tended to do mine in the afternoon. This time, I took Nigella’s cue and started mine a … Continue reading

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Parfait! Blanched Asparagus

I love this recipe! The asparagus is nicely crisp-tender, a beautiful bright green, and works a treat in everything from salads to appetizer trays to being added to rice, soups, or stews. I also get questions and comments from friends; … Continue reading

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Steak in the Air Fryer

Friends of ours have been sharing fine looking images of the steaks they had made in the air fryer; so, I was intrigued… How would it be? Would it be messy? Would the kitchen smell? And I found answers (in … Continue reading

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Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting

It was a mid-winter Monday holiday and friends were gathering for lunch and conversation; which meant, the kids would expect a buzzyfoods cake. Hmmm… I had come across a nice looking recipe for strawberry cream cheese frosting. That would more … Continue reading

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Reuben Casserole Surprise!

We LOVE this casserole, but… Two things – and really, these are GOOD SURPRISES – not like with those mid-century casseroles where the “chicken” turns out to be pulverized saltines or something. So… Surprise Number One: this tasty little casserole … Continue reading

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Chicken Tortellini Soup

After an overnight snowfall, today dawned bright, sunny, and a might bit chilly – it is currently a balmy, dry 10º F – so, what better time to talk about making a nice pot of chicken tortellini soup? Full disclosure: … Continue reading

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Flanken Cut Beef Short Ribs in the Pressure Cooker

Yesterday, I posted about one of my new fave barbecue blends – a Tamari and Pear combo with roasted garlic and sriracha barbecue sauce. Today, we’re gonna take that sauce, add flanken cut beef short ribs, toss it all in … Continue reading

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Asian Inspired Pear Barbecue Sauce

Dinner was supposed to be one of our faves: Korean Style Flanken Short Ribs in the Multi Pot, but… Even though I looked up availability on line before we went out and about shopping, the store I thought would have … Continue reading

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