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Air Fryer Swordfish

One of my go-to fish mongers had 30% off fresh swordfish, so I picked up a couple of steaks for dinner. Now, I almost always slather swordfish in mayonnaise before braking or grilling, and I usually soak most any white … Continue reading

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Medianoche Mayonnaise

Literally “midnight” mayonnaise, this is offered as a late-night Cuban sammich spread (hence ‘midnight’). I came across it somewhere or other a few years back, and it all finally made sense! I mean, I have always liked the idea of … Continue reading

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Island-Style BBQ Flanken Ribs

A long, long time ago, I worked as a designer for a large medical school in Boston, and, seeing as how we were in the city, we got visits from food trucks at lunch. I didn’t always indulge in the … Continue reading

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Best! Mashed Potatoes

Last year, I came across Tyler Florence’s crazy good mashed potato hack, where you actually boil the potatoes in heavy cream, and then save that cream (and all that potato flavor) to mash the potatoes! Like I said, crazy good, … Continue reading

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Vacation Pork Chops

We were off on vacation at one of our fave spots; a pretty fully equipped cabin in the woods in Door County, Wisconsin, and had decided on dinner “in.” The thing is about visiting a particular place at least once … Continue reading

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Cherry O Cheese Pie

This is another one of those recipes my mom cut out and saved, but I don’t think she ever made. Too bad, because this is a keeper! And gluten-free, because of the shortbread I used for the crust, so, bonus! … Continue reading

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Parfait! Waldorf Coleslaw

Big plans for the coming weekend? Socially distanced gatherings? Need to bring a salad, but tired of the same old, same old? Well, we can help! I came across this recipe for Waldorf Coleslaw in an old (1960’s, I think) … Continue reading

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(Kinda) Cowboy Chowder

My husband came across this chowder recipe on, and thought it would make for a nice dinner. I agreed, but thought that potatoes and corn in a soup might could be a bit of a starch overkill, so imagine … Continue reading

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Dipping Sauces

I had scored a deal on frozen coconut shrimp at Whole Foods; $5 off a two pound bag (!) so, guess what we were having (in the air fryer) for dinner? Thing is, whenever we get something like coconut shrimp … Continue reading

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On a hot August day, what could be more refreshing than a nice bowl of… soup? Yah, youbetcha! When the soup is ice cold and creamy and so very, very tasty Vichyssoise. Otherwise known as “cold potato soup.” Some folk … Continue reading

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