Double Orange Cooler

AperolCoolerbfLOIt’s August. The weather is (finally) hot and just a bit steamy.

The perfect time to sit back and enjoy a tall, ice-cold, sparkling beverage – and this cooler may be just the one!

Last summer, my sister asked me for some suggestions about a refreshing sumpin’ sumpin’ to serve at the weekend. Fresh off the success of my limoncello and prosecco cooler with strawberry ice cubes, I offered up an Aperol spritzer.

AperolTraybfLOBad move.

The Aperol, at least to our palates, was too bitter, even with the addition of liberal amounts of sweet and bubbly prosecco.

So, there we were, my sister and I, stuck with an unused bottle each of bitter orange liqueur and no plans to use it up.

AperolCrushChardonnaybfLOImagine, then, my surprise, relief, and still a wee, tiny bit of suspicion when I came across a recipe for a Double Orange Spritzer in the latest issue of EveryDay with Rachael Ray.

Prosecco, Aperol, and orange soda?!?

This. Could. Work!

Just in case, tho’, I opted to use a cheap, ermmm value-priced bottle of Chardonnay for the test batch…

AperolSpritzbfLOYum! And even better when you use a bit of sparkling wine in place of the Chardonnay – tho’ that option is not a bad one – think Riesling, too.

•2 oz. chilled Aperol (or Campari)
•4 oz chilled prosecco
•2 oz chilled orange soda – I used Crush
•Orange slices

Add Aperol to an ice-filled glass

Top with prosecco and orange soda, garnish with fresh orange and serve.

Here’s to hot, steamy days…

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