Gin Blossom

GinBlossombfLOWe’re on vacation this week in Door County, Wisconsin, so forgive me for slacking a bit and posting what is basically a ‘Boat Drink‘ recipe – but with a truly fine locally made gin replacing the rum.

Our weather has been nothing like that in the song: sunny, warm, with a light breeze usually blowing off  the bay; I have not ONCE felt like shooting six holes in my freezer the entire time we’ve been up here, and, I appreciated the orange and cherries on a stick.

MenubfLOWe’d stopped at Cooper’s Corner in Fish Creek for a late lunch, and my eye was drawn to the cocktails featuring local libations.

GinBottle01bfLOI knew well Door County Gin (and vodka, and cherry vodka) from our last visit to the North Country, and was intrigued by the combination of gin, orange, and pineapple juices – the menu didn’t specify (and I didn’t ask), but the drink was too smooth to be orange juice and muddled pineapple.

Nice! And, nicely, not too, too sweet! Try this blend to start, then adjust to suit your taste:
•2 oz gin
•2 oz orange juice
•2 oz pineapple juice

SunsetbfLOThe gin itself is pretty darned smooth, so it doesn’t need a lot of extra stuff to cover the more usual gin ‘bite’. Luckily, we can find the gin, and the vodkas, at our local liquor store at home, but for about $7 more per bottle than we pay at the distillery, so it only seemed right to pick up a bottle or five while we were in the neighborhood.

Mmmm, boat drinks.

And, here’s a sunset to enjoy your boat drink by, courtesy of Green Bay, my trusty iPhone, and the Camera+ App.

Summer is, after all, just a state of mind…

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