Langostinos in Sherry Peppers Garlic Sauce

04aLangostinoBiryanibfLOTrader Joe’s has this wicked good biryani in their frozen foods section; just tumble the contents of the bag into a ‘wave safe bowl, cover, and follow the instructions.

PING! A tasty rice and veggie dish almost as good as the version our friend Golnaz makes, but, as noted above, with a heckuva lot less effort.

Another friend, Jenny, serves her TJ’s biryani with shrimp, and it is lovely, but I had these frozen lanostino tails…

•1 package biryani
•1 (12 oz) pkg frozen, cooked langostino tails
•1 stick butter
•2 cloves fresh garlic, minced
•2 tbsp sherry peppers sauce
•Chopped fresh parsley, to taste

02aCookGarlicbfLONote 1: I picked my langostino tails up in the frozen foods section of Trader Joe’s, along with the biryani, but I’ve noticed that Costco also carries them.

Note 2: if you don’t have access to (or want to make) my version of sherry peppers sauce, check your local market or I got the idea for mine from a cookbook I picked up in an antique store by these nice folk.

Thaw the langostinos according to package instructions and place the biryani in a covered, ‘wave-safe casserole.

02bAddLangostinosbfLO‘Wave the biryani, then melt the butter in a large stir-fry pan over medium-high heat, then add the garlic and sherry peppers sauce and cook just until the garlic is nicely aromatic – a couple of minutes or so.

Add the thawed langostinos, toss to coat with the garlic butter, then cover and cook just to heat through.

04bLangostinoBiryanibfLOAdd the chopped fresh parsley – I add rather a lot – then toss and serve over the cooked biryani.

Nice dinner! And not too, too much trouble to toss together.

I have no doubt this would work just as well with shrimp, or really just about any other bit of sea food you might care to try – just think of a nice bit of swordfish or shark sautéed in garlic, butter, and sherry peppers and served over biryani. It might could even work for simmering mussels – just add a dribble of nice white wine and let ’em steam, then serve with crusty French bread.

OK, now I have to get to the market…

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