Happy Labor Day!

DoorCtyViewbfLOThe last holiday of our summer season has come gray, drizzly, and sticky; a perfect time to recall our trip last week to scenic (and tasty!) Door County, Wisconsin.

We’d booked our favorite cabin at Chanticleer Guest House for the week, arriving on Sunday afternoon just in time to stock up at the local market and settle in before heading out to our first night restaurant of choice…


01CabinFishFrybfLOThe Cabin, on Bay Shore Drive. Rich has been following Marja’s facebook page and keeping track of her pie making, so he was all set to have a slice of her Shaker Lemon Pie for dessert, but first; I was more than happy with my fish and (sweet potato) chips, the calamari, and cheese curds. Rich’s favorite fried shrimp didn’t disappoint, and Bob and Don were both pleased with their broasted chicken – and the tour of the broasting machine after dinner and dessert.


03bNiceGuyHashbfLOA day of exploring galleries and planning wine tastings requires a good breakfast, and one of our favorites is at the White Gull Inn in Fish Creek. Many folk swear by their cherry French toast, but for me, it’s Nice Guy Hash with eggs over easy and toasted Limpa on the side.




02BlueFrontPorkBahnMibfLOThere are plenty of places to choose for lunch, but I’ve always liked Bluefront Cafe, which is kinda out of the way across the bridge in Sturgeon Bay. Their pork bahn mi with paté and jalapeños was really nice, and the fries that came with, delicious.





Restaurant 136, was a great choice for dinner – we chose a couple of small plates for dinner – including these fried brussel sprouts and sea scallops with corn and basil coulis. While enjoying our dinner, I came across the art of Stephanie Trenchard, and a later visit to the studio she shares with her husband, Jeremy Popelka, yielded just the painting I’d been wanting for our dining room; so I’d call that a successful dinner in more was than one.

05CWaterfrontWedgebfLOOur friend Bob doesn’t see the sense in a wedge salad, but when it’s prepared well, and the bleu cheese dressing is good, I think it’s hard to beat. The Waterfront Restaurant in Sister Bay does tapas in the bar on Wednesdays, and we always arrange our schedule to go, and to catch the lovely sunsets over Green Bay. Their wedge salad is one of the best, and their diver scallops, shrimp and grits, lamb chops are not far behind.


PaintingbfLOAll in all, a lovely week away, but now we’re home, the new painting hung, and all is peaceful…

A perfect time to plan the posts for the rest of the week!

Happy Labor Day, all.

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