Parfait! Salted Steak

01bSaltedSteakbfLOIt’s Friday. It’s June. The sun is shining and the humidity (in our little neck o’ the prairielands) is gone.

Wouldn’t tonight be a great evening to enjoy a steak?

But, before you go out and add a second mortgage to pick up a prime piece o’ beef, mebbe you should think about this trick I learned last year to turn your supermarket ‘choice’ steak into a prime-like tender cut in just about one hour.

02aAltSteakDepthbfLOSee, it’s all about the salt.

Kosher or coarse sea salt’ll both work – you just need to figure out how thick your steaks are cut and use that as your guide.

USDA Choice steak
•Kosher salt or coarse sea salt
•One hour per inch of thickness

After determining how thick your steak has been cut, sprinkle both sides liberally with the salt and set aside to rest for an hour, for one inch thick steaks, an hour and a quarter for 1-1/4 inch thick steaks, and so on.

After the hour (or hour and a quarter, etc.), rinse the salt off the steaks really well, then dry them thoroughly.

Now, you’re ready to grill or broil, or fry in butter if your prefer. For these steaks, five minutes for the first side, three for the second, then a rest for ten minutes, covered.

Just enough time to roast the asparagus

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