Fruit Punch Mousse!

03bSetbzLOWe were at a market with Rich’s mom in her home town and I came across…


I didn’t wait. I didn’t think. I snapped up two boxes (and a couple of boxes of curiously named – at least to me – Vermont Curry) and brought ’em home.

01aJellobzLONow. What the heck to do with ’em?

I still haven’t managed to try the curry; but the box o’ Jell-o gave me this kinda cool answer: dessert mousse!

We were planning a picnic at Ravinia, and I thought this would make a refreshing dessert. It did.

Is it healthy? Probably not, but it’s dessert!

•1-1/2 cup boiling water•1 (3 oz) pkg Jell-o
•1 (8 oz) tub Cool Whip, Thawed

The method could not be simpler:

Pour the boiling water over the Jell-o in a mixing bowl and stir for two minutes, until the Jell-o is completely dissolved.

MouseStackbzLOWhisk in the Cool Whip until nicely blended. The mixture will be a it runny, don’t worry about it.

Pour into dessert dishes – I made one in the glass above for “pretty’s” sake, but put the rest in these handy dandy tiny covered containers I found – perfect for stashing our dessert treat in a cooler and camping out on the lawn at Ravinia for a couple of hours.

Stash ’em in the fridge until firm, mebbe eight hours or so.

I ended up with six of these 1/2 cup containers and the one “pretty” dessert glass – more than enough for the two of us, but, if you’re making for a larger group, the nice folk at Jell-o assure me that the recipe can be easily doubled.


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