Medianoche Mayonnaise

05aMediaNocheMayobzLOA medianoche (“midnight”) Cuban sammich differs from a classic Cuban sammich in a couple of ways; the bread, which is softer in texture, and the fact that it has mayonnaise – which is a hoooge plus in my book, as I am kindofa mayonnaise addict. I boycott one entire burger chain because one of their restaurants refused to give me mayonnaise for my sammich.

I had some Puerto Rican style pork roast leftover and got to thinking about mebbe giving the leftovers a Cuban twist.

03aJarbzLOI got to thinking about the Cuban chicken we enjoyed so much, and wondered how it would work with pork.

Note: really well. Details to come.

01aIngredientsbzLOIn my research, I came across a recipe for medianoche mayonnaise, which, as you can see, also turned out pretty well. The ladies at my semi-monthly weekday lunch, chat, and (mebbe) wine swilling group were pretty happy with it. On chips. With veggies. Running their fingers around the dregs in the jar. I am not completely certain that Barb didn’t lick the jar just a wee, tiny bit.

Fortunately, it is wicked simple to toss together, so I just made a second batch.

•1 cup mayonnaise*
•1/4 cup Italian dressing
•1 tbsp Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Pepper Sauce or your favorite pepper sauce, to taste

*Want to make your own mayo? No worries, we have several tasty options, even a no-egg mayonnaise.

Combine the mayonnaise, Italian dressing, and pepper sauce together in a mixing bowl or beaker, then whisk until nicely blended together. I used my immersion blender.

Transfer to a lidded jar and store in the fridge until needed.

02aItalianMixbzLOOne taste, and I am pretty confident it’ll be “needed” a heckuva lot. Try it as a spread on sammiches and burgers (hmmmm, a cheeseburger, with provolone and roasted red pepper and peperoncini, mebbe). Or, use it as a dip with veggies and chips. Or, just lick it off your fingers. Oh, and try dipping a crusty piece of good bread in some.

I’ll leave you alone with your bread.

A note on the Italian dressing: I used an all natural, no extra “stuff” added dressing and marinade mix from a local company, good olive oil, and white wine vinegar. Better than any I’ve tried to make.

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