Braised Barbecue Bone-In Beef Short Ribs

05bribsplatebzloI was looking for ideas.

Rich was out of town on bidness, and, in a weak moment, I’d picked up a small pack of bone-in beef short ribs. He prefers when I make the boneless short ribs, preferably with the Korean marinade, so this little packet kinda reached out to me saying “take me home and do something with me!”

But, what, exactly?

Then, I came across a recipe.

01aribsseasonedbzloSunny Anderson, on food network, had a braised barbecue recipe calling for an interesting mix of ingredients, including vinegar, ketchup, yellow mustard, and paprika – basically a braising barbecue sauce that you don’t have to cook first.


02bsauceingredientsbzloI made, of course, a few small changes, swapping out my own Steak and Chop Sauce for the ketchup, and adjusting the seasonings to suit my tastes and my spice cabinet; but that is the beauty of a simple recipe like this – you can make what you want of it, depending on what you have on hand, and it’ll more than likely be wicked tasty, as was this.

•1-1/2 lb beef short ribs
•Kosher salt
•Black pepper

•2/3 cup brown sugar*
•1 tsp sweet paprika
•1/2 tsp Chicago Steak Seasoning
•1/2 tsp curry powder
•1 tbsp white vinegar
•1/2 tsp dried thyme
•3/4 cup Steak and Chop Sauce
•1 tsp dry mustard
•1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
•1 tbsp Sherry Peppers Sauce**

03bribssaucebzlo*I pulled out one tablespoon of the brown sugar and replaced it with one tablespoon of smoked brown sugar.

**No Sherry Peppers Sauce? No Problem! Feel free to add a dash of decent sherry and mebbe a bit of your fave hot sauce. As for the Steak and Chop Sauce, 04afoilpacketbzloBack of the Yards, and Vadouvan seasonings? Well, you could use your fave steak sauce or ketchup, and whichever seasoning blends you really like on beef.

Season all sides of the ribs with the Kosher salt and black pepper, then arrange the ribs in the middle of a large piece of heavy duty aluminum foil in a rimmed baking pan.

Note: I did not do it this time, but next, I will place some sliced onion, celery, and carrots under the ribs in the foil; to add flavor to the sauce, and to keep the ribs from sitting in the braising liquid.

04croastedbzloWhisk the sauce ingredients together in a bowl and pour over the ribs in the pan.

Fold the foil up and over the ribs to close, leaving some space on top for an air pocket.

Place the pan in a hot 300º oven and bake, with the foil tightly closed, for about 2-1/2 hours.

Open the foil and return the pan to the oven for another 30 minutes.

05aribsplatebzloYou now have wicked tender, and very tasty beef short ribs, but…

Do not toss that braising liquid!

I transferred mine to a bowl and let it cool before covering and stashing in the fridge overnight. The next day, I pulled off the plug of solid fat that had formed on the top and trashed it. The now clear sauce went back into the fridge to be used as a glaze for a future project.

But, enough about future pork tenderloin roasts; let us instead concentrate on enjoying these fine ribs with a salad and baked potato.

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