My Very Favorite Pan

One year ago today, I was killing time with friends in the living room of the hillside house we were renting in Santa Barbara watching some infomercial on teevee.

Selling this Amazing! Miracle! Lightweight! Nonstick cooking pan.

I was intrigued, and the price was decent – around $60 or so – so I resolved to order myself one once we were back home in far northeaster Illinois. I did not go through the web site, I ordered mine through Amazon,

you gotta love Prime 2-day shipping!

So, after a week of wine tastings and pink champagne cake and more wine tastings and a pretty darned terrific view from the porch; I got home and got my Copper Chef pan.

How was it?

Better than advertised!

I literally go to this pan almost every time I am going to cook something – which is a lot.

Obviously, I have other pans that are more suited to certain recipes, but this is my not-so-new default.

This the pan shiny and new from last May. It doesn’t look quite like that anymore, and is a bit worn in spots, but then, I use my kitchen kinda hard, and this pan has stuck by me.

So… I am kinda thinking I might buy a second…


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