I Bought an Air Fryer

I held off.

I mean, I have slow cooker(s) – yes – plural – and a multi pot, food processor, blender, stand mixer, all the accoutrements of your modern 21st century western kitchen.

I certainly did not need an air fryer.

Until I did.

I blame my friend Ruth, who got one herself a week or so ago and is loving it!

Fries. Grill cheese sammiches. You name it, she’s been trying it.

SO. I bit the bullet and ordered one – the same model and size as Ruth has because, I mean she has already done all the research.

First things first, this thing is kinda big, but, if it works, I will deal.

My first test was frozen sweet potato fries.

OMG! They came out perfect!

Nicely cooked and crunchy.

We enjoyed ours with a sweet chili and mayonnaise dipping sauce.

I did, following manufacturer instructions, use a wee, tiny bit of oil; and placed the fryer on a thick wooden cutting board while cooking – it does get hot and can damage coutertops if you don’t take precautions.

I don’t care. Just for the fries? I am sold!

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