Frozen Pineapple Whip

I don’t actually recall ever trying this in the times I’ve been there, but from my husband’s reaction (and, indeed reactions all over the country) when the nice folk at Disney released the recipe for their – apparently famous and much loved – Dole Whip treat, I knew that I would have to make a batch.

Note: straight from the blender, this comes out as a lovely, thick, but sippable slushie. After sitting in the freezer, it is still tasty, but more, ermmm, chunky.

•1 big scoop vanilla ice cream
•4 oz pineapple juice
•2 cups frozen pineapple (10 oz bag)

Note: of course, just after this recipe was released, frozen pineapple was gone from the freezer shelves at most local of my markets. I did, eventually find some, but still wonder if frozen mango might not be a pretty terrific substitution.

Add the ice cream, juice, and frozen pineapple to your blender and pulse, stirring and tamping as needed, until you have a smooth, shushy mix that is perfect on a hot, sunny day.

Go ahead and enjoy it right away as is; or…

mebbe blend in a shot or so of rum?

Takes you from Disney to the French Market in NOLA in next to no time.

Just a thought.

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