Apple of My Rye – A Fall Cocktail

We were having a small gathering to celebrate October birthdays, and I had come across an interesting looking apple cider and bourbon cocktail recipe.


I was nearly out of bourbon, totally out of apple cider, but, wait…

I did have an apple and cinnamon liquor a friend of a friend makes, plenty of ginger beer, and a fresh bottle of rye.


Crisp and autumnal, and so simple to mix – I like that in a party cocktail!

•Apple liquor*
•Ginger beer

*Note: Apple liquor is, I think, a combination of apple cider, apple juice, cinnamon sticks, and Everclear (grain alcohol). Recipes are all over the interwebs.

To make the cocktail, combine equal amounts of the apple liquor and the rye in a pitcher, then pour over ice in individual glasses.

Float some ginger beer (I prefer Fever Tree, which you can get at Target) on top, give a stir, and serve.

Simple, and oh! so tasty!

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