Cherry Margaritas

Most everyone has had some assorted version or other of margaritas; frozen, champagne, etc., but, as I am wicked fond of most anything cherry, this recipe from some nice folk at “liquid town?” really piqued my interest, and so, on a Sunday with a few friends over for dinner, I made it.


Totally traditional margarita taste profile, but with a nice kick of cherry from the liqueur and the juice.

I am gonna have another!


This time, I used tart cherry concentrate, that I mixed one part to seven parts water.

Next time, I am gonna try mixing one part cherry to seven parts apple juice – just to pump up the sweet a wee, tiny bit.

Still and all, well worth it.

Sweet and Sour Mix:
•1 cup water
•1 cup sugar
•150 ml lemon juice
•150 ml lime juice

Cocktail Pitcher:
•1 cup tequila
•1 cup cherry liqueur
•1 cup lime juice
•1/2 cup cherry juice
•1/2 cup Sweet & Sour Mix

First things first, make a simple syrup for your sweet and sour mix by stirring the water into the sugar in a medium pan.

Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring often, until the sugar has dissolved into the water and you have a clear syrup.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool completely.

Once cooled, combine the syrup together with the lemon and lime juice in a container and stash in the fridge in a lidded jar.

This sweet and sour mix will last for one week in the fridge, so schedule your ‘ritas accordingly.

The liquid town folk made their margaritas individually, but I like to have a pitcher on hand when folk are over, I stirred all of the ingredients together in a large one, and poured the ‘ritas over ice.

You could pour the whole shebang over ice in the blender and make a nice frozen ‘rita.

If you really plan ahead, you could take extra cherry juice and turn it into ice cubes for the frozen ‘ritas.

Or, make the cherry juice ice cubes, but freeze a pitted cherry in each cube for a bonus hit of Prunus goodness.

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