Burrito Rolling 101

See, here’s the deal…

I did not grow up with burritos and, sorry, but don’t really care for that fast-ish burrito place so, when faced with making burritos at home for a food kit, I was at a loss.

What to do? Why, go to da Google, of course! And, da Google provided.

Videos? Yeh, no. Step by step pictures? YES, PLEASE! And now, I am here to share this expertise with you…

First: wrap your tortillas in foil and warm in a hot (375º) oven for five minutes.

Second: lay out one tortilla on a large, flat surface, and add the filling along and just below the halfway point of the tortilla.

Note: this was a food fit, so the filling was pulled pork in a smoky barbecue sauce with roasted pineapple, onion, and peppers. Quite good, actually, and I plan on recreating it in my own way soon-ish, so keep an eye out.

Third: fold the two sides in over your filling, then bring the bottom up and over.

Note: thinking about this, a burrito is really kindofa chunky egg roll, so similar principles apply, except, you don’t need to brush a bit of water on the edges of a burrito to seal it.

Hmmm… unless you are gonna go al Chimchanga on it and fry the sucker.

Not a bad option, by the way.

Fourth: roll that bottom flap up and over the sides and the filling, tucking it under the top of the tortilla to make a roll.


You have now made a decent burrito; go out and start a bidness and put those other folx out of theirs.

A note on my burritos: I did add a bit of good ranch dressing on my barbecue pork filling before rolling and, when it cam time to serve, I topped ours with Louis Dressing and pickled jalapeños.

So very good!

But… I can see you wondering…

“Louis Dressing?”

Why, yes! It is a fave, for salads, and, obviously now, burritos, and there are a number of fine recipes, including one spectacular vintage recipe that calls for  whipped cream. In this case, though, I had no cream to whip, but fortunately, Louis is pretty flexible:

•1/2 cup chili sauce
•2 tbsp mayonnaise
•1/2 cup French dressing
•1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Simply whisk together and chill until needed. Which, I have said before and will say again, will be a LOT.

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