Air Fryer(!) Filet Mignon


You read that right.

I will confess that, when I came across this recipe, I had my doubts.

That is it?!?”

“No! it could not be that simple!”

Actually, as it happened, yes, yes it could be that simple. And wicked tasty, too.

•Filet Mignon(s) – I made two
•Steak seasoning
•Olive oil
•Teriyaki Marinade (optional)

Note 1: I did use a meat tenderizer tool (not a mallet) on my filets before marinating, but am thinking that you could skip that part.

Note 2: don’t feel the love for the teriyaki marinade? No worries! Skip it entirely, or mebbe whisk some olive oil, garlic, and balsamic vinegar together, and try that.

Tenderize (or don’t) your filets, season lightly with your fave steakhouse blend, then place in a container large enough to hold them in one layer.

Add marinade to cover the filets, then cover the container and stash in the fridge for a couple of hours, turning the steaks over a couple of times when you think to.

When ready to air fry, remove the filtes from the marinade and place on a paper towel lined plate.

Blot the filets lightly on both sides and heat your air fryer to 400º.

Note: every air fryer is different. Some do not require preheating, and some work best at slightly different temperatures. The original recipe I found on line said to air fry at 380º, but I have found that my current air fryer works best at 400º. I also used my “Air Roast” setting, which kicks in a bit of broiler action to the process.

Line your air fryer tray with parchment paper and arrange the filets in a single layer.

Air fry for eight to nine minutes, do not turn or fuss with the filets. Remove from the air fryer and let rest, loosely covered, for five minutes.

We ended up with pretty darned perfect medium rare filets, yum.

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