Jalapeño Ranch Pickles

We are having Turkey Taco Thursday around about here, so it was time to toss a batch of Ranch Jalapeño Pickles.

Good thing they are dead simple to toss together before tossing ’em in the fridge.

I got the idea from a recipe hack where you empty a packet of ranch dressing mix into a bottle of pickles – doesn’t matter which type, but I am partial to Famous Dave’s Spicy Sweet slices – and then I thought to take the jalapeño leap.

Things is, Rich likes the pickles.

The jalapeños? Not so much; so I keep ’em in separate jars now.

•1 jar pickled jalapeño slices
•1 packet ranch dressing mix*

*Note: I really like the mixes from this local (to us) company that makes pizza dough mixes and dip and dressing packets. I can only find them at one local market, but you can order on line here.

Strain the liquid from a jar of pickled jalapeño slices into a jar with a tight fitting lid. Whisk the packet of ranch dressing mix into the liquid, then add the jalapeños, close the jar, and shake to cover well.

Stash in the fridge for an hour or so to allow the flavors to meld before using.

Pretty darned stellar on tacos and such, but don’t stop there!

Think of tossing some on top of a bowl of zippy soup or curry…

I am even *thinking* about stuffing a sliced jalapeño inside a pitted date with a bit of blue cheese, then wrapping the whole shebang with bacon and air frying it.


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