Corned Beef Salad

03CornedBeefSaladbfLOSo, yesterday was a kind of a lost day.

I woke up sneezing and with sinuses running freely – welcome spring! – and so decided to try one of the new anti-allergy pills I’d picked up.

It did seem to work; except that it also knocked me out for the balance of the day. Most of these meds do this to me, so it comes down to ‘do I want to sneeze and sniffle for the next 10 hours, or just spend 01CornedBeefCubedbfLO 02CornedBeefVeggiesbfLO 04CornedBeefSaladSammichbfLOthe day zonked out on the sofa?’

Next time, I think I’ll take the sniffles…

Anyway; one of the few times I was conscious yesterday, I was also hungry for lunch. And not just any lunch – a comfort food lunch. This recipe fits that requirement nicely.

Thanks to my friend Jenny’s Gram Spencer for serving it to Jen’ and her sibs, and to Jenny for making it for us in Belmont.

•Cubed corned beef – you can use a can, but how much better if you’ve made one yourself? Here’s how
•1/2 cup mayonnaise
•About 1/2 red onion, chopped
•Some sweet gherkin pickles, chopped
•About two ribs of celery, chopped (I know this isn’t part of Gram’s recipe, Jen, but I had the celery and it appealed to me)

Combine all together and serve on toast (or sliced brioche).

I added some Romaine and a bit of Tenuta’s giardiniera as well.

A very tasty, and yes comforting, lunch before the sofa once again called my name…

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