Of tomatoes, brioche, and Kentucky Colonels

TomatoesJune182010bfLOYesterday’s clouds and rains (lot of drama, little actual result – hmmm – I know PEOPLE like that) have left us yet a bit stuffy, but sunny and bright. Still, what rain we DID get was good for the lawn and the tomato/herb garden on the deck, which looks to be doing well. The Mother-of-Thyme on the front porch seems to be hovering between making it and that big compost heap in the sky, we’ll see how it goes.

I’m bouncing back from my utter failure with sourdough a while back with an attempt at Brioche, a rich French bread that requires a sponge (curse you sourdough!) and two days to complete. I plan on starting in a bit; tune in tomorrow for pics and the tail of my success or repeated defeat.

Rich isn’t feeling well – too much caffeine and junk food  over the holiday weekend, we think; so I’m shelving the leftover Banzai Burgers in favor of a new experiment in grilled pork chops – Kentucky Colonel Barbecue Pork Chops – hey, you make comfort food your way; I’ll do it mine.

KentuckyColonelMarinadePotbfLOHere’s the sauce/marinade; an interesting mixture of spices, vinegar, water, hot sauce, Worcestershire and maple syrup (the recipe called for brown sugar, but the maple syrup was handier). I am SUPPOSED to let the sauce sit over night to blend the flavors, then use it as a mop while grilling chops. I am GOING to let it cool while I’m thawing the chops, then use it as a marinade until I toss the chops on the indoor grill this evening (if Rich isn’t feeling well and it’s sticky out, he won’t feel like firing up the Weber). I’ll let you know how this works out tomorrow as well. In the meantime; Brioche (son o’ da sponge) awaits!

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