BriocheMixerbfLOdoes not like to be rushed, apparently. I am approaching my THIRD hour of rising in the bread pans. Fortunately, I can see some activity; the loaves are bigger than when I first formed them, just not doubled in size yet. Maybe I took the ‘cover and let rest in the fridge overnight’ a little TOO literally and should have been up at the crack o’ dawn to get things well and truly settled. Still, the dough I turned out of the bowl was, BriocheIna4bfLOat the same time, incredibly dense AND incredibly light, so I have some hope that all will turn out in the end.

By the way – a ‘brioche in history’ moment; it is commonly thought that when Marie Antoinette was advised that her people had no bread and were starving, she replied ‘let them eat cake!’ More accurately (?), she was reputed to have replied <<Qu’ils mangent de la brioche>> – you see where I’m goin’ here? In FACT, it’s all thought to be a bunch of hooey, recalled by Jean-Jacques Rousseau about an incident that supposedly took place in 1740 and wrote about in 1766, when Marie was just ten years old, and more than likely not much of a sparkle or political alliance in Louis Seize’s eye yet.

I’ll update later on today, however it turns out for the brioche. Sadly, we know how it all turned out for poor Marie…

Kentucky Colonel Update: one word: TASTY!

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