My new favorite pizza…

MamaKsPizzabfLOMy ‘za of choice has always been Greek – specifically thin-crust Greek with just the right amount of greasy goodness skimming across the top (if I want ‘healthy’ ‘za, I have my own option here); so when I read about a local TCBY that had opted out of the franchise and into pizza and burgers and sammiches with an emphasis on their own home made recipes for everything from the MamaKGyrobfLOdough and yogurt to the gyro meat on the spit (80/20 beef and lamb – and no fillers, I was proudly told) – I had to check it out.

I was not disappointed.

My friend Jen’ and I headed over on a sunny September afternoon for lunch, and I knew the minute I walked in that I HAD to try the pizza. Two slices from the turntable and I was back at my old house of pizza from high school – mmmmm.

Jen’ was more in the mood for a gyro, and ReubenMamaKbfLOwas very happy with her choice (she offered me a bite, and I think I may have to resist the siren call of the pizza next time and have one of these babies). By the way – it was when Jen’ was served her gyro that we were proudly told about the ratio of beef to lamb in their meat mixture, and the fact that they use no fillers. I think I will have to go back soon – especially since Rich was at work in the city and hasn’t had a chance to try the goodness that is Mama K’s Pizza Grille.

If you’re in our neck o’ the woods and want to go, Mama K’s is in on Grand Avenue (Rte. 132) in Gurnee – directly across from the main entrance to Six Flags. Give me a call, I may meet you there!

Update: Rich and I visit Mama K’s at least once a month, and we both love their pizza, but I would remiss not mentioning their pretty darned spectacular Reuben Sammich. I’ve been ordering it so often that one of the guys there started asking me if I was ever gonna try something different from the menu.


Mebbe if we go once a week?

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