A really nice red…

AcaciaRedBlendbfLOIncredibly smooth right out of the bottle, tho’ we did decant it anyway. We were turned onto this little gem of a blend by Ericka, who runs the Gurnee Wine Club out of our local Cost Plus. They have tastings at the store every month or so, and we rarely visit without coming home with a bundle of goodness; I think we picked this bottle up GorgonzolaSteakCornbfLOlast month as part of a half dozen new-to-us wines that totaled a touch under $50 for the lot (!)

Good wine and cheap – ermm, inexpensive – too, how could we say no?

Rich chose this California blend to go with our dinner of marinated steaks topped with a marvelous Gorgonzola, and corn on the cob – grilled to perfection by himself.

GorgonzolabfLOBy the way – the Gorgonzola we used is a local brand from Denmark, WI that we sampled at the Milwaukee Wine & Dine. Sooooo creamy, and with just enough of a bite. Mmmmmmmm. Tasty, tasty cheese.

Strangely enough, the rep told us that this is their least popular cheese. I don’t know if folks are afraid of the blue or what, but if you come across this in your market – crumbled or in wedges – you should most certainly pick some up for your steaks or chops or salads. It would also be lovely with some English walnuts in a terrine – hmmm, I’ll have to dust that recipe off and post it here soon – the holidays are coming.

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