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French Onion Soup in the Instant Pot

Last week, I got an email from somewhere with the headline “Instant Pot Soups!” Hmmm… I love me some French onion soup, and never really considered trying it in the Instant Pot; but the timing, the weather, and the fact … Continue reading

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Chicken Pierre

When I first came across this recipe, published by liberal politcal site, mommyblog, and recipe hub Wonkette, it reminded me a lot of a recipe I came across in the local paper back in the day for Country Captain Chicken; … Continue reading

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Coronation Chicken

So… I read. A LOT. And… I read a LOT of mysteries. And… a lot of those mysteries are set in the U.K. And… many of those mysteries, whether featuring a psychic plumber or a gay vampire history/romance author seem … Continue reading

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Yeh… it’s pronounced “caliMOcho” and it is frikkin’ delicious! My friend Barb tells me this is trending on Buzzfeed, but I first came across it last month on thrillest. “What is it?” you may finally be asking. Kalimotxo is, just … Continue reading

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Watermelon Sangria

So, yeh, it’s the middle of September and folk are back to school and the days are definitely gettin’ shorter, but… most days are still nicely warm, and the time is right for a tall, refreshing glass of watermelon sangria … Continue reading

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Marinated Flank Steak

Rich came home from a trip to the market with a couple of flank steaks – he knows I always check this particular store for their “dollar off” deals on meat and poultry that is approaching last sale dates, and … Continue reading

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Fast Marinara

Yeh. I know, marinara is not, normally, a fast sauce; there’s usually a lot of chopping and sautéeing and stirring and tasting and… well, you get the idea. And my other marinara is kindofa lengthy production; but this version, based … Continue reading

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Garlic Scallops and Shrimp

It had been a busy week. My sister was out for a visit, and Rich was down and out with a stomach bug, and the gas gauge on the car decided to stop working (if I may suggest – do … Continue reading

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Strawberry Cookie Bars

Here is a tasty cookie that you can make as easy or as complicated as you like – and the best part is, even the complicated option is pretty darned easy! You could, for instance, take the easy way and … Continue reading

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A really nice red…

Incredibly smooth right out of the bottle, tho’ we did decant it anyway. We were turned onto this little gem of a blend by Ericka, who runs the Gurnee Wine Club out of our local Cost Plus. They have tastings … Continue reading

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