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DeviledEggSaladOn this cold and snowy day, the folk in Chicago vote for a new mayor; and up on our little  edge o’ the prairie, we have an aldermanic primary or something (I haven’t been able to find much in the way of an on-line sample ballot, so won’t know for certain until I head up to the corner and do my civic duty).

With that in mind, and recalling that I’ve declared 2011 a ‘Say Something Mold Year’ – I offer up this salad for your consideration:

Hard boiled eggs, celery, pimiento, onion, mayonnaise and spices; all combined with unflavored gelatin and tossed lovingly into a mold of some sort – in short: deviled eggs on a plate!

Intriguing, no?

Well… I think it’s kinda cunning.

You voted last September whether or not I should inflict, ermmmm, SERVE the deviled macaroni bake recipe I came across to Rich, and it wasn’t too, too terrible. Now, I’m asking sanction to offer up the goodness that is deviled eggs in mold form; served, I’m thinking, on a bed of watercress and baby spinach.

So, here’s the deal: vote by adding your opinion in the comments, or email me and be heard – just do it all by midnight, Central Time this Friday, February 25, 2011. I’ll share the results Sunday or Monday.

I don’t pretend to understand the fascination early-to-mid twentieth century food marketers had with doing strange things to deviled eggs – who can fathom a people who thought canned peaches poured on top of canned hash made for a tasty baked treat? – but I believe that this salad may have potential…

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