Chocolate, Men, Coffee…

CoffeeLowAcidbfLOsome things are just better rich.

That quote from some anonymous wag was bouncing through my head as I was sipping a fresh, hot cup of our latest (happy) adjustment to Rich’s dietary challenge.

Chocolate is out (well, for Rich), and we are most certainly not wealthy; but we can still share one fine, rich cuppa, thanks to these lovely, lovely beans from Trader Joe’s.

After searching for – and finding – a decent tasting decaf that didn’t seem to aggravate his symptoms, Rich was a bit MORE than bummed when everything flared up badly and he was reduced to peppermint tea with a bit o’ honey – not bad, but, c’mon, peppermint tea with a bit o’ honey is NOT a lovely, dark, hot cup of rich, silky coffee.

Imagine our surprise at discovering (with all thanks due to da Google!) that the issue was not the caffeine, but the acid!

We sampled a plastic box of low acid coffee from the market – and it tasted ALMOST as good as ‘plastic box of low acid coffee’ sounds. Then, Rich recalled seeing a low acid coffee in the mix at our (not so local) Trader Joe’s, which we picked up when next we trekked down to Cook County.


PRICEY ($7.50 for 13 oz.), but nice.

Rich, dark, TASTY; everything a French roast coffee bean should be – but, nicely, I think, lacking that oily overtone most French roasts seem to develop after the first minute or three in your cup.

Gotta go, my coffee’s getting cold…

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