Creamy Fruit Mold


I am NOT sure about this.

The picture in the ‘Memorable Molds’ section of the Jell-O Classic Recipes™ book looked rich and satin-y. This pink mass o’ DominoesbfLOgoo sitting in my fridge looks a lot less like satin and  a lot more like that stuff you see in plastic tubs in the deli salad section at Woodman’s.

Tonight is our February Game Night with friends; and we’re planning on trying out this cool, new set of dominoes our friend Kirsten brought to our last game night. A new game put me in mind of trying some new stuff for munchies, too, so here we are, waiting to see if this mold thing works, and trusting that our friends will forgive us if it doesn’t. Maybe it’ll taste OK, and maybe it’ll look more appetizing when I un-mold it this evening and toss some fresh blueberries in the center of the ring, maybe.

•1 cup boiling water
•1 (3 oz.) package Jell-O – I used some strawberry
•1 cup cold water or apple juice (I went with the apple juice)
•1-1/2 cup Cool Whip – so,  I don’t normally buy this stuff, and when I brought it home, I discovered that I’d bought a tub of ‘LITE’ Cool Whip by mistake. Still, it tasted OK, and, I figured if I was cooking with something like Cool Whip, what difference would a few MORE additives make?
•1 cup diced fruit – OK, I did NOT add this – as I noted above; I have this image in my head of this smooth, glossy ring of fruit-like gelatin goodness with lovely, plump fresh blueberries tumbled casually in the center. We shall see…

In a medium bowl, stir the boiling water into the Jell-O for about two minutes, until the powder is well and truly dissolved. Stir in cold water or apple juice and refrigerate until slightly thickened – the recipe called for 1-1/4 hour, if I make this again I will probably cut that back to 50 to 60 minutes.

Gently stir in the Cool Whip and chill until thickened. Stir in fruit, if you’re adding it here, and pour into your mold. If you DO add fruit, you’ll need about a five-cup mold. Without the added fruit, I got by with my 2-1/2 cup.

Refrigerate four hours or until firm.

Cross your fingers, unmold and garnish as you will.

CreamyFruitMoldbfLOI’ll update with pics this evening, once we’ve played Mexican Dominoes, and seen if this thing worked.

UPDATE: You know what? It wasn’t too, too bad! We had a smaller crowd than originally expected, and there were so many munchies, and the Santa Fe chicken soup went over so well, and we were so involved with playing Clue (Golnaz skunked us all BIG time), that dessert ended up being little take-away goodies at the end of the evening. I would most certainly make this again.

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