Don’t forget!

VotebfLOIt’s election day in a lot of places, and you need to be certain your voice is heard.

Our ballot is all SUPER local this time, with most folk running unopposed (I HATE that – even when it’s MY guy who has no one on the other side keeping him/her/it kind of, sort of honest) – and the remainder all school and community college board stuff. We don’t really have a dog in those hunts; but after a little web research (THANK YOU, Google), I identified some folk I most certainly would NOT want having a say over what gets taught where. They may very well win anyway, but now at least I can complain about them and their ilk with a clear conscience.

Civic duty done, it’s time to get back to work! Friends are currently fine-dining (ermmm, and breakfast- and lunching as well, no doubt) their way through New Orleans, and, while we may not have turtle soup or a fine ’07 Rioja, we do have an apple galette and some coffee/butterscotch shortbread to look forward to once they actually get made; and my mom’s lasagna recipe needs to be started today if we hope to enjoy it for tomorrow’s dinner.

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