I dreamed of chives…

ChivesVertbfLONo, really, I did!

So, imagine my surprise to see them popping up in the planter on the deck. I guess I knew somewhere in the back of my brain that they were perennial, but then so was the rosemary – and if you could look just behind the chives you would see just how well THAT stood the winter.

The small patches o’ green have started me thinking about this year’s kitchen garden; I want to add another two or three tomato plants, and maybe some peppers or a cucumber, to the hanging part (it’s supposed to be able to take up to five trailing plants). The chives will, I think, have to be moved to a separate planter (I have to dig up the whole ‘garden’ anyway, may as well move the suckers); maybe I’ll put them in a nice pot by the front door next to the new rosemary.

Basil is a must, and I think we may go for three plants this year as opposed to last year’s two –  soooooo nice with tomato slices, some kalamata olives, and a bit of really good mozzarella scattered over fresh pizza dough on the grill – and maybe some parsley in place of the oregano, which really did nothing but take up space last year (poor, unappreciated oregano…).

So much to do!

But not just yet, I think. Our evenings can still get a might too cool, and we need to stock up on clay pots for flowers an’ stuff – I read in an article where your should sterilize your pots each year, and, unfortunately, the temperature needed for plastic pots was, ermmm, about 20 degrees higher than their melting point. Oops!

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