A day out…

MPMFreewayHorizbfLO‘Tis a damp, dreary day here on the edge o’ the prairie; but there be sunshine in our future ‘cause we’re on the road for a busy day with friends North of the border.

First stop will be the Milwaukee Public Market for a bit of lunch (hmmm – the most excellent Mexican place or the raw bar?) and a bit of shopping: The Spice House for a fresh supply of good cinnamon and maybe some Gateway to the North seasoning, and then, if I’m lucky, some of my favorite little sun-dried tomato bites at that little deli kind of place I always forget the name of.

FLWLogoFed and, perhaps, watered (there’s also a very nice little wine bar); we’re off to the Milwaukee Art Museum for to see the Frank Lloyd Wright: Organic Architecture for the 21st Century exhibit. We have had an off and on membership at The Art Institute, but find ourselves going to this great little gem so often that we will probably just do our next up North.

SO. After a day of of dining, wining, a bit of culture, and generally slouching about downtown, we’re off to a late birthday dinner for Rich at Bistro Bar 333 – ermmm, in other words, still wining and dining and generally slouching about, and still downtown, but less culture and now in the evening!

Sounds like a plan to me – later, peeps.

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