ChiliGlazedSalmonVertbfLOBack in the day, Lois (the mom on Malcolm in the Middle, not Rich’s cousin in Ontario – hey Lois!) would clean her fridge of leftovers each week by making ‘parfait’ – a heaping casserole combination of whatever happened to be hanging around, packed neatly into little, tiny containers.

This is kind of like that.

NO – no need to back slowly away from the blog, there will be no heaping glops of stuff featured; THIS parfait will be a rerun – something featured earlier (indeed, still readily searchable AND well and truly sorted in the Table o’ Contents) that I think should be brought back out into the light again.

Ermmm; it’s also just the two of us and the cat here, peeps. Even with monthly game nights and holiday dinners and house guests and plain ole everyday dinner parties, I can’t make something new EVERY day – so I thought I’d try ‘Parfait! Friday’ – a weekly rerun of a past feature.

Parfait! could be not-so-new, but improved, or it could be seasonally relevant, or, as in the case of today’s parfait; it could just be a perfectly good recipe that we’ve kinda, sorta, forgotten about – sweet chili glazed salmon.

We have salmon a LOT (we get most of ours – wild-caught Keta salmon filets – frozen at Target) – but I hadn’t made it this way for a while. When I got an immediate ‘YUM, this is good!’ reaction from Rich, I thought that if he had forgotten about this recipe, so might you; and so Parfait! begins…

•2 salmon filets
•1/4 cup sweet Asian chili sauce (look in the Asian foods section of your market, or at Cost Plus or Trader Joe’s)
•1-1/2 tbsp soy sauce
•1 tbsp fresh grated ginger – OR – 1 tsp powdered ginger and a pinch of cayenne

Whisk the chili sauce, soy sauce and ginger together and pour over the salmon. Let rest for 30 minutes. Line a rimmed baking pan with foil and coat with cooking spray.

Preheat the broiler (OK, confession. I don’t like my bottom-of-the-stove gas broiler, so I don’t use it. I use a really hot oven instead, and so preheated to 450º).

Place the salmon in the foil-lined pan, spoon any remaining marinade over and broil (or bake) until browned in spots and  done to your liking – six to ten minutes.

I served our salmon with Basmati rice and roasted Brussels sprouts which I TOTALLY oversalted (I’ve made an adjustment to the recipe in the original post).

Speaking of original posts, here’s the original Sweet Chili Glazed Salmon, with provenance and attribution.

Happy Parfait!, peeps!

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