Orange Pineapple Jello Salad

OPJelloSaladbfLOYup – it’s a molded salad – with freshly shredded carrot – I TOLD you I was going to turn 2011 into a “Say Something Jello Mold” year!

The Family D was joining us for Easter Brunch, and I wanted something that (I hoped) would appeal to the two youngest members – who can be a tad picky about just about everything but fruit. I used to love this when my Great Aunt Rose would serve it, and thought the girls might just feel the same.

No dice.

Too much excitement and Easter Baskets and chocolate and peeps and silly putty and bubbles and… well, you get the idea. Still; it wasn’t a bad salad, and it DID look kinda spring-y on the sideboard…

•1 (3 oz.) package each – orange and pineapple jello
I could’ve sworn they used to make an orange-pineapple flavor, but what can you do – you don’t buy something for 30+ years and they stop making it (!)
•2 cups shredded carrot – I did mine in the food processor, but feel free to buy the bagged stuff
•2 cups boiling water
•1-1/2 cup chilled apple juice

Add the boiling water to the jello and stir until completely dissolved – about two minutes. Stir in the cold juice, cover, and pop in the fridge for about 90 minutes, or until thickened – when you drag a spoon through the jello, it leaves an impression. Stir in the carrots.

Spoon into a 4 cup mold or so – I still haven’t found a deal on any but the 2-1/2 cup mold I picked up for New Year’s punch, so used that and popped the leftover into another small dish.

Cover and refrigerate overnight to firm up.

Unmold, garnish and share the jello-y goodness.

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