Shiloh Coming Home

Shiloh&MebfLOWe brought Shiloh home this afternoon, only to have him decide that under one of the kitchen chairs is HIS spot and then proceed to nap with his chin resting on the rail to seal the deal.

Cody is more interested in the new bag o’ puppy food, the assorted chew toys, and the kitchen gate than he is with this little ball of furry hound.

PyrexBowlsbfLOIt will be an interesting couple of days…

On the food front –  a visit to a roadside consignment shop in Douglas yielded me this totally cool set o’ vintage mixing bowls – a steal (I think) at $14 for the lot. We also won an eBay bid for two vintage Dansk pans – a covered casserole and a paella pan, both in decent shape, chocolate brown, and $25 total INCLUDING shipping. (!)

Now it’s time to toss some bacon in the oven for BLTs.

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