Crispy Potato Hash

PotatoHashReadyToBakebfLOI am a pretty big fan of the home fried potato. Or hash brown. Call it what you will.


It’s gotta be crispy – or at least have lots of little crispy bits. One of the finest examples of this were the potatoes served with our brunch at Zing! in Douglas last month. Nicely seasoned and PERFECTLY CRISPY.

PotatoHashBakedbfLOSo, I got to thinking:

We had these very nice foil-packet potatoes left over – tasty, but not what one could call truly ‘crispy’ – and it was just about time for dinner.


I packed all those tasty, but not really crispy, potatoes with all those nice bits of onion and pepper into a spring-form pan and tossed ‘em into the oven with the rest of dinner.

30 to 45 minutes later at 350º, I had a very nice, coarse – in a GOOD way – potato cake, which, if I do say so myself, went very nicely with the roast spatchcocked chicken.

mmmm, crispy potatoes…

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