As the card says…









Greetings o’ the season, peeps!

This image – a 2010 shot of Chicago City Hall taken by my husband (I like the sound of that!) that I played around with a wee, tiny bit in my other capacity as a designer and art director – is our holiday card this year; and we both hope all of you are, indeed, happy and merry at this most festive of seasons.

I hope that buzzyfoods has been helpful in some small way, and that you’ve found at least one cool, new thing to try after checking us out.

In that vein (helpful, and, mebbe kinda cool?) buzzyfoods is going on vacation for a few days – mostly so I can buckle down and get to finish linking and updating and generally making the table o’ contents a complete, accurate, and live-linkable reference of all the stuff found on this here web-thingy.

Of course, there’s also travel and family gatherings and feasting and limoncello splashed over champagne set for the next few days, and a fellow will need to sleep at least some of it all off; so let’s agree to meet back here on Friday, December 30 to get ready for the next big thing – our New Year’s Day Open House!

I’m thinkin’ kedgeree with dried cherries…

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