Ranch-Style Pork Chops

06ChopsBakedbfLOThick cut bone-in pork chops, marinated in a bit of buttermilk, then seasoned with a pretty simple mixture of blends and seasonings and baked.


This was a sponsored recipe by Melissa d’Arabian for the nice folk at Hidden Valley® I found when I did a search on ‘pork chops’ on foodnetwork.com. It was based, obvs, on a packet of the dressing and seasoning mix, along with a few additions.


I was fresh out of ranch dressing and seasoning mix, but just happened to have a jar of Chip Dip Seasoning from my buds at The Spice House that I thought might just do the trick.

01ChopsInButtermilkbfLOIt did.

Either way you go – Original Ranch or Spice House – I am pretty certain you’ll be pleased with these chops.

•2 bone-in pork chops (the original recipe called for 6 loin rib chops, but to me, there doesn’t seem to be enough seasoning to go around for 6 chops, and there’s just the 2 of us anyway)
•2 tbsp Spice House Chip Dip Seasoning
OR 1 (1 oz) packet of Ranch Dressing mix
•1/4 tsp seasoned salt
•1/2 tsp black pepper
03SeasoningsMixedbfLO•1/4 tsp paprika

•2 cups buttermilk to marinate the chops
If you don’t want to buy buttermilk, here’s a handy substitute.

If you are using it, let the marinate the chops in the buttermilk for a few hours or (best) overnight, then remove the chops and pat dry with paper towels.

04ChopsReadyToBakebfLOHeat the oven to 450º.

Combine whichever seasoning mix you choose with the additional seasonings in a small, flat bottomed dish.

Melissa’s orginal recipe called for simply adding ‘salt and pepper’, which I kind of hate. I guessed at 1/2 tsp of my seasoned salt the first time I made these, then cut that back to the 1/4 tsp I call for above; much more better.

05ChopsBakingHalfbfLODip the chops into the seasonings, then turn and dip the other side to coat. The original recipe called for sprinkling the mixture over the chops ‘liberally’, so I guess you could do it that way. I just prefer the dip and press method to kind of embed the seasonings into the chops.

However you get there, place the chops on a rack in a baking pan and pop into the hot oven for 10 minutes and turn.

07ChopsTotsPlatebfLOBake the chops another 10 or 15 minutes, until done (ff you’re using a meat thermometer, the internal temperature should read 160º).

Remove from the oven, cover, and let rest for 5 minutes.

Serve. We had ours with a tossed salad and (don’t judge) tots.

I am working on a totally home made substitute seasoning blend, and it is close, but kinda peppery, yet.

Stay tuned for a Parfait! to come…

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