Fried Rice

14DoneBowlbfLOLet us review my missteps so far this week:

1) ANCHOVIES!!!! – I shan’t make THAT error again.

2) Spanish smoked hot paprika IS, indeed, HOT – but a little crème fraîche worked a treat at taming that particular beast.

And finally:

3) Basmati rice is not, really, an appropriate variety to use when making fried rice.


We had picked up a couple of t-bone steaks on sale, which I marinated in a bit of Mr Yoshida’s, some hot sesame oil, and a dozen or so Sichuan peppercorns before Rich grilled them to perfection.

02SteakScallionsOnionbfLOThing is, they were kinda HUGE steaks, so we both had a fair amount left over.

I love me a nice steak, but leftover steak? Not so much, so I opted to try my hand at making a steak fried nice the next evening for dinner.

Sticky, somewhat clumpy rice aside; this was a fine bit of fried ricing, if I do say so myself.

•Canola oil
•Diced meat – I used about 1 cup of leftover steak, but you could try ham or pork as well
•2 onions, diced
•1 bell pepper, diced
Seasoned salt and pepper
•3 scallions, sliced – separate the white bits from the green
•2 eggs, lightly beaten
•3 cups cold cooked rice

Heat a large skillet or stir fry pan over medium high heat, then 1 tbsp of the oil.

Add the diced meat and sauté until lightly browned.

07CookEggbfLOAdd the onion, pepper, and the white parts of the scallion, season with the salt and pepper, then stir fry for 3 minutes or so, until the onions are tended, but the peppers still crisp. Remove to a large bowl and set aside.

Return the pan to the heat, add another tablespoon or oil, and then the lightly beaten eggs, along with a bit more salt and pepper.

12AddSteakVegiesBackbfLOCook, stirring constantly, until the eggs are just about set, but still moist. Turn out on top of the meat and veggies in the bowl.

Reheat the pan again, then add 2 more tablespoons of oil and the rice.

Season the rice with a bit more salt and pepper, stir fry to coat it evenly with the oil, then let the rice be to develop some crispy bits, about 2 minutes.

13AddSteakVegiesBackBestbfLOIf your rice is as clumpy as mine: break it up a bit, then press into place and let cook for another 2 minutes to crisp a bit more. If not, then proceed as follows:

Add the green bits of scallion, then the reserved steak and veggies and egg and toss to combine.

Tasty! Even if the rice was a bit, ermmm, starchy.

We had ours with a bit of soy sauce and some of my (Indian) Sweet and Sour Sauce on the side and were most pleased.

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