Terryaki Marinated Grilled Tuna

05TerryakiTunaNoodlesbfLOThis is what started me on the whole making of Terryaki Sauce in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I rarely need an incentive to make a batch o’ Banzai Burgers, but I’d picked up a pack of Ahi tuna steaks on special in the freezer section of Target, and they’d been weighing on my mind…

See, they were marked on clearance, which to me means they’d been on the shelf for a while, and then they’d sat in my freezer for a good bit. Something needed to be done.

TunaSteaksMarinadebfLOI was thinkin’ Auruduci, but then I got the idea for making the Terryaki and just went with it. I wanted a strong flavor just in case the tuna was tasting, ermmm, a bit old.

As it turned out, the tuna, individually shrink wrapped, was still perfectly fresh-tasting. I should note that I grilled these Ahi steaks quite a bit longer than I would fresh 02TunaGrill01bfLOAhi – which should get a nice sear on both sides and then on to the plate. You do what you want, but these frozen fish steaks came out moist and flavorful and nicely flaky (a bad thing for fresh Ahi, but there you go).

•3 Ahi tuna steaks
Terryaki sauce
•Sliced scallion
•Celery Seed
•Olive oil

03TunaGrill02bfOptional (but nice):
Tante Marie’s French Dressing
•Additional Terryaki sauce

Place the tuna in a bowl or zipper bag and pour Terryaki sauce over to cover. Add sliced fresh scallion and celery seed.

Flip the steaks to mix the sauce, scallion, and seed, then cover and stash in the fridge overnight, turning the bag or the tuna a few times when you think of it.

04TunaFinalBastebfWhen ready to cook, heat your grill to medium, remove the tuna from the marinade and – if you’ve used the darker bits a scallion in the marinade – remove most that cling to the steaks (the dark green scallion parts turn bitter when cooked).

Brush the grill grates with a bit of olive oil, then add the steaks and cook for about five minutes per side, turning once).

NoodlesbfLOJust before serving, add a spoonful of Tante Marie’s to each steak, then drizzle a bit more fresh Terryaki over each and allow to melt into the tuna (nice touch, if I do say so myself).

Serve as is, or mebbe with a bit of fresh romaine and a slice of onion on a good roll, or, as I did, with these quite nice noodles in a stir-fry sauce.

Ah, but that’s a tale for another day…

ermmm, tomorrow.

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